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Rules of "European Bee Made" Trademark Use

The trademark "European Bee Made" ("Trademark") may only be used to designate honey produced in the countries of the European Union. The Trademark may also be used for honey produced in non-European territories of EU countries.

The trademark is used by European apiaries and honey processors (packers and users). Use rights may be granted to those who:

The geographical European origin must be understood to be the entire territoy –and territories joined to them under customs union– of countries with European territories.

Processors can buy honey directly from apiaries and through an intermediary. However, honey purchased with the assistance of an intermediary may consist exclusively of producer lots. Such honey may only enter the storage facilities of the trademark holder in the producers' container, identified by the producer's name and authenticated by the producer's signature.

The trademark user may use the trademark only under their own names or brands. Not for so-called „private label” brands.

In addition, the user must provide full transparency to the trademark owner in order to be able to monitor the honey's tracking. This includes controls on all incoming and outgoing material and cash flows.

Products bearing the trademark must be serialised. A report of each trademarked product must be sent to the trademark owner electronically, showing the batch number and serial numbering used.

The trademark user must also indicate the origin on the packaging. In the case of blends of honey from several countries, all countries must be displayed on the label.

The use of the trademark is for an indefinite period of time and is only granted by the association to those who comply with the rules.

Producers and users must apply for the right of use from the association and must be refused only in justified cases. The one-time entry fee is equal to the pre-verification cost. Regular use fees of the trademark will be dependent on the user's turnover.